Regina Amos

The Butterfly Effect

I am the Visionary and CEO of the Butterfly Effect Life Coaching Program. As a Co-Author, Workshop Facilitator, and Prison Ministry Lead of Praise Fellowship Bible Church (affectionately known as Chain Breakers), I know I’m called to help set people free.

I am so excited about the opportunity to support women in reaching their full potential through the Butterfly Effect Life Coaching Program by helping and supporting women evolve into the best version of themselves. Come flutter with me!

My professional experience includes twenty years of Case Management, Human Resource Management, Workshop Facilitation and Academic Support to under-represented and under-served populations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a Co-Author, I contributed to two books designed to empower people: Change Your Life, The 90 Experience - The Path to Your Destiny and When Believers Become Depressed: Helping Those Who Believe In God. I also served as the Lead Research Assistant for the latter.

My outside interests include spending time with my family and attending conferences for professional and personal development. I am the proud mother of three: Bobby (35), Mia (29) and Aaliyah (23). I also have two grandchildren and one grandchild that's due to arrive in June 2020. When I am not spending time with my family or attending conferences, I am helping others in my community. I spearheaded a program that provides support to families with an incarcerated parent. Through Angel Tree, I have been able to coordinate the collection of donations and the delivery of gifts for Christmas and other major holidays.

Last, but not least, I am thrilled to help other women, because I was once in the same position as the women I help. I was a single mother of three when I returned to school in my 40s. It was difficult obtaining my B.A. in Psychology and becoming a Kennedy - King Scholar while working and raising kids on my own. However, I never gave up on myself and I never gave up on my family because:

There's a blessing on the other side of through.