Kesha Haynie

Kesha Haynie is a Visionary Life Coach, and founder and CEO of Abundant Life Coaching Academy. She implements her unique style of coaching using vision boards to creatively inspire her clients to explore deeper while identifying goals, objectives, and laying out a strategic plan to achieve those goals. With over 25 years of experience teaching, speaking, and implementing creative workshops, Kesha is known to empower, inspire, uplift, and motivate others to achieve their expected end. Her signature program “How to Manifest Your Dreams through Vision Boards” challenges clients to discover their purpose and maximize their potential. When Kesha is not motivating others towards the abundant life God has designed for them, she can be found spending time with her family and friends having a meal, karaoke singing, dancing, therapy shopping, or having some alone time pampering herself.

After walking through her own personal journey of trials that produced perseverance, character, and hope; Kesha is currently writing an auto-biography that will inspire, empower, and bring about hope that will motivate other’s to believe that all things are possible.

Kesha can be reached by email at, or visit her website at