Angela Lofton Moore

Angela Lofton Moore is a true Hybrid Professional; a multi-faceted entrepreneur who is the President & CEO of coworking space WorkFlow Lounge, incorporation service company MoorePark Enterprises, and InfoPrincess Graphics & Design. In 2018, she also established her nonprofit Beyond The Village, to assist Veterans, Adults 55+ and other marginalized groups with job related training and resources. Angela has been a full-time entrepreneur since 2009 when she launched InfoPrincess Graphics after walking away from a 31-year corporate career as a voice and data network designer. She was named Exceptional Woman of Color in 2016 and was awarded Business of the Year in 2017 for launching WorkFlow Lounge. Angela’s passion revolves around small business development, structuring corporations from the ground up and setting companies up for business financing. All of her companies’ services inter-connect with each other and provide valuable resources, products and services that every business owner can use.

When Angela is not coaching or working with business owners, she and Sidney, her husband of 28 years, can be found gardening, cooking or playing with their dog Luke. Angela also still enjoys graphic design and web development when time allows. She is currently working on her new podcast series as well as her new CEO-focused online publication, both of which she plans to launch in late 2020.

Angela can be reached via email at angelaloftonmoore(at)outlook(dot)com. She also encourages friendly followers to visit her website and to follow her on social media:
Phone: +1 (916) 431-7406